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Consumer Goods

Creating appealing designs that stand out and perform in a competitive environment can be a difficult challenge. Altair can help you with efficient tools for initial design, verification and process automation to get new products to the market fast.

Simulation Saves Months of Design Time for Cleveland Golf Read how HyperWorks has helped Cleveland Golf both accelerate its time to market and improve the quality of its clubs. Read the Cleveland Golf Case Study
Unilever Cutting Cost and Development Time Unilever reduced the time required for simulation and significantly lowered costs by working with Altair HyperWorks suite of computer-aided engineering tools. Read the Unilever Case Study

In the consumer goods industry, companies know that product purchases can be made on emotion and style, but loyalty follows brand identity and dependability. Altair’s solutions help you create exciting designs that are both appealing, as well as efficient and durable.

Designers around the world are discovering how products can be conceived in a creative environment using the solidThinking technologies inside Altair HyperWorks. Other simulation technologies in HyperWorks then provide the virtual environment to enhance and validate the designs for the desired user experience and dependability.

Whether the goals are to improve performance, reduce costs, improve sustainability, or shorten development times, you will find the solutions needed to make your products stand out against your competitors.

  • Create exciting designs with solidThinking Inspire and Evolve

  • Drive innovation and achieve sustainable designs with unrivaled optimization technology

  • Shorten time to market and speed up your product development with process automation technologies

  • Develop and validate product performance and improve the consumer experience

HyperWorks enables rapid design exploration, drives product innovation and helps consumer goods manufacturers exceed performance and sustainability measures.

“With simulation software like HyperWorks, we have been able to dramatically increase our rate of development. This not only allows us to produce better products but also it frees up our time and allows us to look into the future for the next great technology in golf.”

–John Rae, Research Manager

Cleveland Golf

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Stress calculation on a vacuum cleaner handle (Courtesy of SharkNinja) Blender simulation with smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) (Courtesy of EuroPro) Development of a high-performance composites bike frame (Courtesy of Rolo Bikes) Optimization of packaging material (Courtesy of Haier Consumer Electronics) Packaging optimization (Courtesy of Unilever) Photorealistic rendering with Evolve AcuSolve aerodynamic simulation for a golf club Contact friction comparison between two toothbrushes (Courtesy of Lion Corporation, Japan)
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Exciting Designs

Consumer goods companies, arguably more than any other industry vertical, rely on the “desirability” of their products to gain and hold customers and market share. Truly successful consumer goods begins with a compelling product serving a need or want, in a desirable form and user experience. To achieve this, companies must develop and nurture a creative design environment.

The creative process is one that requires technologies to capture innovation and encourage creativity, not bury it with inelegant and heavy tools and processes. The designer should be able to create and modify their ideas as naturally as their minds work to envision them. The solidThinking tools provide this environment.

solidThinking Inspire quickly provides the designer with efficient structural designs that meet the performance requirements. These designs often take forms as elegant as those created by nature, using material only where it is most needed.

solidThinking Evolve provides unfettered design freedom to explore the possibilities. Whether based on the natural forms proposed by Inspire, or simply from the mind of the designer themselves, Evolve is an environment where discoveries are made.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable designs are often a key element for a sustainable business. Creating designs that have minimal impact on the environment at the lowest cost possible is a recipe for success. Providing world’s leading optimization technologies, Altair has the solution to deliver these sustainable designs.

  • Use OptiStruct with topology, shape, and size optimization to create minimum mass designs

  • Optimize designs using HyperStudy coupled with all Altair Solvers to balance multi-disciplinary requirements

  • Meet performance and cost targets early in the research and planning stages

  • Improve the product life-cycle impact and meet or exceed product requirements with virtual optimization and validation of your product or package

Process Automation

Companies in all industries must continually strive to reduce the time and cost to develop new products. All aspects of the design and engineering process must be streamlined to speed time to market. The ability to automate and standardize process flows makes Altair HyperWorks the ideal platform to improve your companies bottom line.

  • Utilize process automation capabilities of HyperWorks for standard procedures to not only standardize meshing and load case definition, but quickly create standard reports and dashboards, as well as automatically manage the data

  • Seamlessly integrate technologies into the design process from early industrial design and CAD concepts to final validation

  • Perform rapid design assessment and trade-off comparisons

  • Utilize automated design-of-experiments methods to identify parameters driving design performance and reliability

Product Validation

The days of “make and break” are long gone, and any company that plans to succeed must have high confidence the first physical prototypes of their products will pass all requirements. The complete suite of solutions in Altair HyperWorks allows you to virtually validate any stage of the product manufacturing or performance in the field.

  • Virtually simulate manufacturing processes including material extrusion, blowmolding, polymer and sheet forming, metal forming and casting

  • Evaluate product behavior in manufacturing such as a new bottle design on your existing manufacturing line

  • Develop and validate product shipping and handling from a palletized load in transit to final handling in distribution and retail

  • Simulate product performance in use such as a washing machine cycle to misuse and abuse conditions such as drop impact of a product or package

  • Study and improve structural, environmental and/or mechanical attributes of the entire product or packaging system throughout the value chain – from concept to retail