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RADIOSS Overview

RADIOSS is a leading structural analysis solver for highly non-linear problems under dynamic loadings. It is used across all industries worldwide to improve the crashworthiness, safety, and manufacturability of structural designs.

RADIOSS Introduction Video Watch this quick introduction video to learn how RADIOSS can help you.

PSA Peugeot Citroën Uses RADIOSS to Run a Model with 15 Million Elements PSA Peugeot Citroën collaborated with Altair, Bull, PRACE and others to perform a study of automotive crash rupture simulations, investigating ways to improve material failure criteria and better predict cracks. Read the PSA Peugeot Citroën Case Study
For over 30 years, RADIOSS has established itself as a leader and an industry standard for automotive crash, drop & impact analysis, terminal ballistic, blast and explosion effects and high velocity impacts. Automotive, aerospace, electronics, defense companies and R&D centers value the contribution it makes in understanding and predicting design behavior in complex environments, such as automotive crash, airplane ditching or blast effect on vehicles. The tight integration with the HyperWorks environment makes RADIOSS a powerful design tool. RADIOSS models are optimization-ready. Transitions to the optimization solver OptiStruct and HyperStudy are easy.

“The Altair business model was the clincher for me in terms of overall value and ease of implementation. One vendor means lower integration costs, and Altair’s focus on timely, effective, and responsive customer support is critical.”
–Pu Zhou, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Euro-Pro LLC.

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Scalability, Quality, and Repeatability

RADIOSS’ advanced multi-processor versions (Hybrid Massively Parallel Processing) have enabled the best scalability in the industry for large, highly nonlinear structural simulation. The use of Advanced Mass Scaling and single precision option speeds up orders of magnitudes while retaining the same accurate results. Detailed and accurate analysis can also be achieved without decreasing the global time step or increasing overall simulation time. Speed-up solutions like Multi-Domain, Submodeling are unique solutions to bring the right answer in the right time delay. Special provisions in the implementation guarantee full repeatability of results regardless of the number of computer cores, nodes or threads used in parallel computation. This unique advantage allows to take advantages of the clusters and to apply in a short time optimization techniques. Numerical scattering of results is highly minimized due to the quality of the software.

Here are some of the key advantages of Altair RADIOSS:

  • RADIOSS provides one of the most comprehensive material and rupture libraries in the industry. The material laws and rupture criteria span across definitions for concrete, foam, rubber, steel, composites, biomaterials, and more. The coupling with MDS (Multiscale Design Systems) opens the door to précised and advanced behaviors.

  • RADIOSS is tightly integrated with OptiStruct and HyperStudy. Design optimization and robustness studies can be performed easily to improve design performance.

  • RADIOSS support is very responsive in reacting to user input. A rigorous quality assurance regime makes it possible to implement new features quickly and without regression in quality.

  • PBS Professional is a powerful workload management software. RADIOSS jobs can be efficiently managed and monitored on sever infrastructures to minimize job turn-around-time.


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New Contact Formulation for Accurate Electronics Drop Test Advanced failure modeling with extended finite elements (XFEM) Simulation considering air motion inside of the foam cell with Material Law 77 Highly efficient crash simulation High-speed impact analysis for an Indy car at Dallara Automobili Crash box simulation evaluation in Hyperview and HyperGraph Gas tank sloshing simulation with SPH technology Airbag simulation
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RADIOSS’ application areas include crash safety, drop testing, blast and hydrodynamic impact, terminal ballistic fluid structural interaction, forming and composite mapping.

A complete set of elements, connectors, and boundary conditions are available. Contacts are managed thru different algorithms to allow accuracy and robustness assuming all contact conditions and some assembling ones. Materials laws including composite, concrete and soils, … ,, failure models (Johnson-Cook, Extended Mohr-Coulomb ….) are provided in RADIOSS thru libraries. Any rupture criteria can be used with any of the material laws. These combinations bring more than 300 materials. Advanced composites modeling and simulation are leading the industry.

Innovative element formulations provide accuracy, speed and robust solutions. Dozens of boundary condition types are supported, for both simple and advanced load cases and constraint setups.

Solution types include:

  • Nonlinear explicit dynamic structural analysis

  • Nonlinear implicit structural analysis

  • Explicit Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Euler, Lagrange and Arbitrary Euler-Lagrangian (ALE) formulations

  • Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)

  • Finite Volume Method (FVM) based airbag simulation. Unique solution for accurate airbag deployment. Pure CFD solution with full coupling with structures.

  • XFEM for crack propagation in multi-layer shells. High interest in pedestrian impact for windshield rupture prediction (Energy absorption) as well screen behavior under impacts for electronic industry, wash machine cover deck behavior under impacts, …

  • Multi-Domain to manage models with fine meshed components needed to “zoom” for rupture prediction. This feature is fully compatible with FSI (Fluid Structure Analysis)

  • Advanced Mass Scaling for quasi-static problems, drop and impact tests, … to increase the time step and by the way reduce the elapse time significantly without degradation of the accuracy.

  • Sub-Modeling for local design of components or sub-structures.

Occupant Safety

For vehicle occupant safety, simulation RADIOSS has access to a large library of dummies, barriers, and impactors. RADIOSS provides the most comprehensive toolset in the industry through partnerships with Humanetics and CellBond. Coupling with Madymo (TASS) is also possible. In addition, the HyperCrash and HyperMesh modeling environment provides outstanding support for automotive crash and safety simulation.


Complementary Solutions

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