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Using CAE for biomedical applications requires tools that can deal with complex surfaces, small details, and multi-disciplinary analysis. HyperWorks provides best-in-class tools for meshing, analysis, and optimization to provide better clinical outcomes for patients throughout the world.

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HyperWorks for Orthopedics, Bio Mechanics, Medical Devices

Global healthcare is a dynamic industry, given the increasing cost of service and insurance, the growing needs of an aging population and advances in medical technologies and procedures. Designers and manufacturers of medical devices are challenged to improve product performance, deliver quality and reliability and meet regulatory standards. More than ever, CAE simulation is being used effectively to meet design and quality challenges of biomedical companies, and is gaining acceptance in the validation process required by the FDA and other regulatory bodies.

Altair HyperWorks provides a comprehensive suite of CAE tools to simulate the most critical issues in biomedical design:

  • Complex non-linear phenomena, such as stent deployment, tissue modeling and aortic valve stenosis.

  • Innovative product design to beat the competition and enable modern, cost-effective health care.

  • Quality and reliability based engineering requirements to satisfy regulatory approval and long product life.

Built upon a foundation of design optimization, performance data management and process automation, HyperWorks is an enterprise simulation solution for rapid design exploration and decision-making for biomedical applications.

“HyperMesh is the only program that allows us to mesh complex organic bone surfaces and the CAD surfaces of the implant”

–Dr. Darryl D’Lima

Scripps Clinic

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Simulation of an MRI with the electromagnetic solver FEKO Heart model built in HyperMesh Stent analysis Analysis of bones
Simulation of an MRI with the electromagnetic solver FEKO Heart model built in HyperMesh Stent analysis Analysis of bones
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High Fidelity Modeling

HyperWorks delivers complex models and procedures in biomedical engineering with high fidelity simulation

  • Quickly and easily re-mesh existing meshes, such as a STL model, even without underlying analytical geometry information (e.g. IGES data) to improve mesh quality with HyperMesh

  • Capture small geometric details in human bones and joints, with a high-quality finite-element model

  • Define complex non-linear behavior such as aortic valve stenosis with RADIOSS and AcuSolve fluid-structure simulation technology

  • Model and simulate physical-biological processes such as blood flow for aneurysm treatment using HyperMesh and AcuSolve and CFD partner solvers

  • Simulate and predict human injury mechanisms such as contusions, lacerations and bodily injuries by virtual traumatology methods in RADIOSS

Innovative Design

Altair’s industry leading technologies enable rapid, innovative and optimized designs

  • Once initial geometry is built in HyperMesh, a range of design shapes and variables can be developed using HyperMorph

  • Complex loading can be defined and HyperStudy utilized to interface with RADIOSS and OptiStruct and/or 3rd party solvers to automatically iterate to identify the optimum device design

  • HyperView allows for rapid visual assessment and comparison of designs

  • Shape and size optimization can be performed to achieve desired device performance and material distribution using HyperStudy

  • Electromagnetic simulation plays a key role in designing products and investigating safety aspects for healthcare systems, which often include wireless telemetry. Applications include wireless bio-sensors, implanted devices like pacemakers and neuro-stimulators, and MRI systems. FEKO's broad solver offering allows the most efficient method to be used for each task: MoM at early design stages with homogenous phantoms; FDTD or FEM for final analysis with anatomical phantoms.

Automate Quality Processes

Automate standardized processes for quality control

Ensure medical device quality and reliability with HyperWorks and Altair’s partner solutions

  • Schedule individual or multiple CAD files to be meshed using the HyperWorks, or any 3rd party, batch meshing tool

  • Define multiple variants of a design to be optimized by a range of simulation solvers with HyperStudy

  • Ensure optimum life of devices such as implants using Altair’s partner fatigue solutions

Utilize process automation capabilities of HyperWorks for procedures such as stent modeling to not only standardize meshing and load case setup, but also automatically manage the important data that is generated.

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