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Altair Partner Alliance : JSOL - JMAG


Altair’s HyperWorks platform has been opened to third-party applications, all of which are available to customers under one license using the revolutionary on-demand software licensing system. Customers can invoke these third party applications at absolutely no incremental cost utilizing their existing HyperWorks licenses. In this framework, Altair France gives you the opportunity to discover one of our partners through a training dedicated to fatigue analysis. Join a JMAG workshop… the one day session will be an introductory workshop for JMAG Express and JMAG Designer. It will primarily concentrate on how users can quickly and efficiently create a motor design and then post process the results to evaluate the designs.


JMAG Express Quick Mode
- Initial motor design using pre-defined templates
- Modifying existing templates to meet the needs

JMAG Express Power Mode
- Using existing scenarios
- Working with Reports and Dashboard

JMAG Designer
- In depth analysis of Motor design from Express Power Mode (2D)
- Modifying Study conditions/mesh
- Comprehensive result evaluation

Duration 1 day
Date April 29th
Place Altair Antony (92)
Price Free
Pre requisite None.
The workshop will be done in French.
Code formation 101
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